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When you are ready to sell your home, working with an experienced RE/MAX Associate can make all the difference. Our Realtors are familiar with the El Paso city and county real estate market. Once you have developed a comfortable relationship and trust with your Realtor, then give him or her, your loyalty and work together as a team. You will be given a sensible plan of action and proven marketing materials. As a trusted advisor, your Realtor will provide to you a Comparative Market Analysis. At this point, you are under no obligation of any kind and the service is completely free of charge.

Generally speaking the process is in several steps. The initial walk-through will allow the Realtor to familiarize him or herself with your home. Your Realtor may have lots of questions such as: age and condition of the roof, mechanical systems, any known defects and discussion on the selling points of the home. The second phase is to discuss the pricing proposal and marketing plan. It will also be important to discuss where you plan on moving and how soon you plan to move. Is it more important to get a certain amount of profit or is the timing of the move most important?


The Comparative Market Analysis contains a summary of the recent real estate transactions and activity, in your neighborhood area, for homes that are similar to yours. While some of the homes included may not be exactly like yours, they do provide a good basis by which to compare your home with the “competition.” After review and study of the report, your Realtor will suggest the appropriate list price of your home. The idea is to get the maximum price and best terms during the window of time when your home is being marketed. In other words, home selling is part science, part marketing, part negotiation and part art. Unlike math where 2 plus 2 always equals 4, in real estate, there is no exact conclusion. All sales transactions are different.


All reasonable owners want the best possible price and terms for their home. Several factors, including market conditions and interest rates will determine how much you can get for your home. Features of your home include: location, price, general condition of your home, amenities such as number of bedrooms, baths, living areas, pool etc.


There is no control over your location and the financial environment. However, as the owner, you do have control over the listing price and the condition of your home and how you merchandise (show or display) your home to the public.  

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10940 Ben Crenshaw Dr
El Paso, TX 79935


Toll free : (800)880-3060
Office : (915)594-3034
Fax : (915)594-9253

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