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Sellers Tips

* YARDS. The lawn should be well manicured. You should consider fertilizing it (depending on what time of year it is) to make it turn as green as possible. Ensure that your flower beds are cultivated and the yard kept refuse free. For desert landscaping, check to ensure that weeds are not growing up through the rocks, and that the rocks are covering what they should be covering. Bare ground showing through the rock cover is not appealing. Take time before a showing appointment to check to see that the children's toys are put away and are not in the front yard.

* FRONT DOOR. Your front door is the next area of attention. Ensure that it is clean and has that "scrubbed" look. Paint if necessary. A seasonal door decoration adds a warm inviting touch.

* BRIGHTEN UP YOUR HOUSE! Once through the front door, it is imperative that your house is presented as "brightly" and cheerfully, as possible. Open up your drapes, turn on your lights!! Let the prospective buyer SEE your house.

* GENERAL APPEARANCE. Think how you would observe your house if you were buying it. Faded walls, worn and scratched woodwork certainly reduce appeal. Check to see if your walls need painting before you put the house on the market. Use a product like "Liquid Gold" for scratched and dry looking woodwork, paneling and kitchen cabinets. Don't put you or your Real Estate agent in the position of having to tell the buyer prospect HOW THE HOUSE CAN BE REDECORATED - It is important the buyer prospect is SHOWN HOW THE HOUSE LOOKS REDECORATED!

* KITCHEN. The kitchen is one of those rooms that makes or breaks a sale. Ensure that it is CLEAN! Many buyers will judge the housekeeping by the OVEN and STOVE. Don't forget the DISHWASHER. Remove interior stains, especially on the door. Clean out your kitchen cabinets and pack away those items that you don't need. The COUNTER TOPS should be clean and free of clutter. Baking soda is an excellent cleaner for removing stains on Formica and should not mar the finish.(While we're discussing the kitchen - the fragrance of baking or of coffee brewing will definitely appeal to the buyer).

* BATHROOMS. The bathroom is another of those important rooms that need to be sparkling clean to help sell your home. Repair caulking in these rooms and don't forget the showers. Shower doors, ceramic tiles and grouting should be cleaned and free of soap. All fixtures should be polished and free of any water marks. Open the bathroom window to allow fresh air in.

* AVOID CLUTTERED APPEARANCES. Remove excess furniture and other items that you seldom use. Keep newspapers, toys, and other articles picked up. Clear STAIRWAYS are essential. Objects on any stairs are dangerous. Make your CLOSETS look larger by removing or packing items that can be stored elsewhere. The GARAGE is another area that needs your attention in showing off the full size of the room by removing all unnecessary articles. Look at the walls of your garage. Do they need a quick coat of paint? Dark, dull or stained walls don't show well. They are easily brightened with a coat of fresh paint.

* WATER HEATER/FURNACE/AIR CONDITIONER. Check the WATER HEATER for proper operation. Drain a pail of water from it to remove rust particles and clean the exterior. Change the filter on your FURNACE. Inspect your AIR CONDITIONER. Change its filters and give it a coat of paint if necessary. Ensure that it has been serviced properly.

* MINOR REPAIRS. Accomplish those minor repairs that you know are necessary! Such items as closet doors that are off of their track, door knobs that are loose, screen doors that don't close, faucets that are dripping, or floor or ceiling molding that is cracked suggest neglect to the prospect. These minor flaws are easily corrected and when corrected, do wonders to help us get you top dollar for your house.

* SHOWING YOUR HOUSE. When your home is shown by either a RE/MAX Associate or other member of the El Paso Board of Realtors, please avoid having too many people in the house. Instead of the prospective buyer feeling like an intruder and hurrying through the house, let him feel at ease and give him a chance to absorb clearly the advantages of your property. When the Realtor and the buyer arrive, GREET them courteously, and then please DISAPPEAR, taking children and pets with you. The Realtor knows what the buyer wants and needs, and can better emphasize those features of your home when alone. This also encourages the buyer to voice objections or negative reactions more freely and gives the Realtor an opportunity to OVERCOME such attitudes or tendencies as quickly as possible.

* NIGHT APPOINTMENTS. Remember to turn on the porch light and any other outside lights that highlight your property when showing the house after dark. Also, have the house well lit throughout when the hour of appointment nears.

* SELLING YOUR HOUSE. Selling you house is a team effort between you and your RE/MAX Associate. We ask that your property be shown to prospective purchasers only through our office AND/OR members of the El Paso Board of Realtors Listing Service. Please ask the Realtor-Member to leave his/her card. Notify your RE/MAX Associate when your home is shown and who has shown it. This allows prompt follow-up by your Realtor. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated and will lead to a more prompt sale of your house.
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10940 Ben Crenshaw Dr
El Paso, TX 79935


Toll free : (800)880-3060
Office : (915)594-3034
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